Saturday, March 11, 2017

Let's Celebrate Biblioburro's 20th Anniversary Together!

This is one of the most inspirational stories I have ever heard, so I'll try my best to tell it! Someone with amazing creativity and desire to help saw a problem, that many children in the remote parts of Colombia had no access to books. Of course this not only happens in Colombia, it happens in different corners of the world, but I am sure that if Luis Soriano had the power to get to every single part of the world where a book was needed, he would be there putting a book in the hands of many children.  

This dedicated librarian was a third grade teacher when he started to use his two "burros" (donkeys) Alfa and Beto to bring his mobile library to the children of La Gloria, Magdalena.  This region of Colombia has been forgotten and neglected for years, and it has a high rate of poverty and minimal access to education for young people. Many of the children here travel long miles to reach their schools. Luis and his two burros (donkeys) "Alfa" and "Beto" ("alphabet") travel to see them every week, fording rivers, and walking for miles along unpaved and dusty roads, carrying books for the children.

His work has been widely covered by the media, including a documentary made by PBS. Luis has gained significant fame around the word due to his creativity and desire to make change, but unfortunately his organization still needs money to survive and  to continue giving access to books where children need them. 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of "El Biblioburro." To celebrate and honor all of the work by Luis, Alfa, Beto, and countless communities, the Bibliburro organization is asking for cash donations. They tend to receive books as donations but are now most in need of money for infrastructure - to purchase furniture to keep the books accessible and safe, tables and chairs for the physical library they are currently building, and to be able to celebrate with the children of La Gloria via a modest but emotional event where Luis plans to use theater and other forms of art to bring the stories alive and celebrate what they have built together.  See below a special message from Luis for this campaign!

Bring the love of "El Biblioburro" to your classes! I created a set of free resources for you to use with your students. These resources are for anybody to use in their classrooms, but if you are familiar with TPRS, you will love this story!

Just click on the picture to download the story, teaching tips, worksheets and more!

Last but not least! Please, consider donating to the campaign on GoFund Me and help spread the love for El Biblioburro with others. Share the link to the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the social media venues you can! ¡Mil gracias!

¡Para que El Biblioburro siga compartiendo el amor por los libros!

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